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Lemon Grove School Board accepts the resignation of 16 teachers

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LEMON GROVE (NEWS 8) - Amid outbursts and calls of unfairness, the Lemon Grove School Board on Tuesday night voted 3-2 to accept the resignation of 16 teachers who were going to be let go.

The school district said it has 47 probationary teachers and will retain 31 of that pool. All 16 of these probationary teacher positions will be rehired for the 2019-2020 school year. 

“All 16 of these teacher probationary positions will be rehired for the 2019-2020 school year,” said Timothy Shaw, Lemon Grove School Board president.

However, the 16 positions will not be filled by the 16 teachers who currently work for the district. The 16 teachers said they were not given pink slips and because they do not want "a no reelect" on their records they believe they were forced to submit their resignation - feeling fired. 

Ms. Olerich is a first-grade teacher at Mt. Vernon Elementary. She was let go from the Lemon Grove School District.

“That is the sticky note I was given. I could not even get an email or the decency of a face-to-face that we were meeting" said Olerich. "The term non-reelected just carries a stigma."

Parents at Tuesday’s meeting said their fit teachers were targeted for speaking up about the curriculum.

“They are punishing people who spoke up,” said Mark Lane, a Lemon Grove parent.

“Today when you vote on my resignation, that is the last thing Lemon Grove takes away from me,” said Ms. Olerich.

Teachers will stay through the end of the year, but probationary teachers can be terminated without reason.

Lemon Grove Teachers Association Statement regarding whether a California School District must give reason for recommending for non reelection status:

The district has the right to non-reelect an employee and NOT tell them the reason. So, arguing good evaluations, use of sick leave, or any other areas of concern will never be known. This two year probationary time is fully protected under the law. It isn’t until permanent status that due process rights
for being dismissed come into play.

Financial reasons were not a factor for teachers to be recommended for non reelection; all positions will be refilled/rehired. Cost for training new teachers to the Lemon Grove School District to fill these positions is unknown as they may have taught at other school districts before applying with Lemon Grove.

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