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Healthy hacks to eliminate hunger

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Are you hungry all the time? Don’t blame your new year’s eating habits yet.

Clinical Nutritionist, Tara Coleman stopped by Morning Extra to talk about why you are always hungry and to give a great no-cook meal plan!

5 Sneaky Reasons Your So Hungry All of the Time
Being hungry is the worst and is usually what sabotages our best health plans.  Luckily, there is a solution for this hunger that will leave you feeling full and staying on track:
           1. You’re not getting enough protein – if you look at hunger as a problem to be solved, protein solves this problem.  We usually eat enough protein                      and meals but breakfast and snacks is where it falls through the cracks.
           2. You’re not getting enough calories – healthy food is intrinsically low in calories!  So when we try to be healthy we tend to eat too little and then end                  up raiding the pantry late at night!
           3. You’re not getting enough pleasure – if you don’t get some pleasure from your food you will be left craving more!  This is why people want a little                    sweet after their meal.  Here is how you can incorporate pleasure without sabotaging your diet.
           4. You’re not getting enough sleep – even if we are in bed for enough hours, sometimes the quality of our sleep is low and that causes us to crave                      sugar.  Try these natural sleep aids to improve the quality of your sleep and cut cravings. 
           5. You’re using food to solve an emotion – yes, emotional eating is a real thing.  But it’s also a wonderful thing because it tells us that we have                           a need.  Instead of trying to white knuckle it, pause and identify the emotion.  Then you can decide the best way to solve it.

No-cook Healthy Meal Plan
The two main things that sabotage people’s diets is they run out of time so they don’t prepare or they get bored with eating the same “healthy” thing over and over.  Here is a meal plan that takes a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken and make a different fresh and healthy meal each night in less than 10 minutes!
              Sunday – Chicken & Veggie stir-fry
              Monday – Fajitas
              Tuesday – Thai Lettuce Wraps
              Wednesday – Strawberry and Quinoa Salad
              Thursday – Chicken Bolognaise

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