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Bubbly basics for New Year’s Eve celebrations

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Is there a real difference between champagne and sparkling wine, and is choosing a bottle of champagne for your gathering worth the extra price tag?

BevMo Store Manager Jacqueline Stoll takes you through a table filled display and shares a fun non-alcoholic drink to serve. too!

The short answer is that the differences between champagne and sparkling wine are based on the location that the libation came from and the method used to create the bubbly.

While all champagne can be classified as sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine can be accurately called champagne. Sparkling wine, technically, is any wine that contains carbon dioxide bubbles.

With champagne and other sparkling wines, there are a few other things to take into consideration when picking your bottle, namely how sweet you want your sip to be. If you pick a "Brut" bottle, expect a refreshment that's very dry on the palate. Although, an "Extra Dry" sparkling wine is actually the opposite of what you'd think because it's sweeter than "Brut." The order of sparkling wines from driest to sweetest goes:

  1. Brut,
  2. Extra Dry or Extra Sec,
  3. Sec,
  4. Demi-Sec
  5. Doux

So keep that in mind when you're perusing your grocery store.

Again, your bottle of bubbly should come down to your taste and preference, not what's most prestigious or most expensive.

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