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Clean and green home for the Holidays

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Thanksgiving has come and gone and yet to come are the rest of end of the year Holidays. 

One way many will celebrate and ring in the New Year will be with a squeaky clean house. 

Lisa Bronner, who writes the blog Going Green, said Wednesday that one way to make a home sparkle is to use eco-friendly cleaners. 

Bronner said that "now that organic and "natural" - in the loosest sense of the word - are becoming mainstream, we must wade through an ever denser quagmire of false claims and misleading wonder products in our efforts to achieve a "greener" lifestyle."

In her segment with The CW San Diego, Bronner talked about how any one can go green and clean their house without getting sick by wisely and carefully zipping through store aisles and choosing eco-friendly cleaners. Another option Bronner provided was Green-It-Yourself producers, or GIY Cleaners - safer, homemade cleaners.  

Visit Lisa Bronner's blog, "Going Green" to see more tips about safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly ways to clean!

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