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Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - The Fleet Science Center is excited to announce that 'Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation' makes its California premiere in the Heikoff Giant Dome Theater on Friday, November 9.

Earth is home to more than 500 active volcanoes.

This amazing new film, 'Volcanoes', follows intrepid explorer Carsten Peter as he dodges boulders at the edge of an active volcano in Indonesia, descends to a boiling lava lake in Vanuatu and visits incredible acid ponds, geysers and mineral deposit fields in Ethiopia.

The film takes moviegoers across the globe to see the archeological ghost town of Pompeii, hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean and the devastating effects of the 2018 Kilauea eruption in Hawaii. 

“We often think of volcanoes as being destructive, but they also can build new land and they play a beneficial role on the planet,” shares 'Volcanoes'’ director and producer, Michael Dalton-Smith.

“There are dozens of volcanoes erupting each day, from the bottom of the ocean to mountain peaks. To witness one in action is both beautiful and awe-inspiring. Most importantly, I hope that the audience will come away with a better understanding of the forces that shaped the world we know today.”

Audiences will be captivated as they discover molten worlds and exploding craters in this adrenaline-filled, immersive experience that only Giant Screen films can provide.

'Volcanoes' opens at the Fleet Science Center on Friday, November 9th, with multiple shows daily. Click on the link below for show times! 

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