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Bullying Awareness Month

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SAN DIEGO - It's a sad statistic, between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. 

Victims of bullying can experience depression and anxiety, being bullied can impact school attendance and performance, create physical health problems, and can be a triggering factor in youth suicide attempts.

San Diego Center for Children is Founded in 1887, the San Diego Center for Children is the oldest children's nonprofit in the region accredited by The Joint Commission for its excellence in quality of care.

    The Center provides evidence-based therapeutic, educational, foster care and transition age services to children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, including combating bullying. 

    It is the responsibility of adults to recognize and stop bully behavior, and here's how parents can talk with youth about bullying:

    • Encourage your child to report bullying incidents to you
    • Validate your child’s feelings by letting them know that it is normal to feel hurt, mad, sad, scared if they have been bullied, or witness bullying of others
    • Let your child know that they have made the right choice by reporting the bullying
    • Join a group of friends or activity that does not include the bully
    • Participate in activities with an adult present
    • Do not encourage the target of the bully behavior to “fight back” or “stand up to the bully”
    • Let your child know that it is the adults’ responsibility to help and encourage your child to always tell a trusted adult when they witness or experience bullying. Identify safe adults they can go to – teacher, counselor, aide, bus driver

    For more information on bullying, visit Center For Children's website: www.centerforchildren.org.

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