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'Quantum Success': Using the Law of Attraction to improve your career

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SAN DIEGO - No matter your current situation at work, whether you're trying to work your way up the corporate ladder or you’re re-evaluating your current career path, couldn't we all use a little help?

'Quantum Success' author Christy Whitman shares how to use the Law of Attraction to thrive in your career.

The basic premise of Whitman's new book is that we can attract anything we desire by adjusting the frequency of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that we are sending out. 

So how exactly does one do this? 

By harnessing the power and energy of the universe. It is the kind of success that is created from the inside out, as a result of being internally aligned with your highest vision of external success.

Every person’s definition of quantum success and having it all will change from decade to decade, from day to day, and even from moment to moment. The thing to understand is that if you’re striving to fulfill an outdated vision for your life, you’ll never be satisfied!

For more information, visit Christy's website: christywhitman.com.

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