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Backyard to Table: Tips for bountiful urban farming and gardening

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SAN DIEGO - Summertime is full of freshness, from farm picked berries to juicy watermelon, and now is the time to delight in natural, unprocessed flavors, especially here in San Diego! 

Backyard chicken keeping is a movement that's a lot like turning your house into a home that provides for you. Just imagine, you can get fresh all year when you raise your own chickens!  

You’ll be able to enjoy the freshest eggs, without hormones or antibiotics. You’ll also enjoy bonding with your brood and the simple, pleasures of getting back to nature.

If the endeavor seems daunting, don’t let your feathers get ruffled!

Lisa Steele is here to help, offering her sage advice for everything from healthy herbs for the flock, caring for chicks, decking out your hen house, tasty egg recipes – and that’s just scratching the surface. 

Steele is a proud 5th generation chicken keeper who  grew up across the street from her grandparents’ farm. She left her farming roots for a while, going to college, working on Wall Street, moving with her Navy husband.

Eventually, she ended up back on a small farm where she reignited her own passion for raising her chickens and ducks and now helps others do the same. 

For more tips and resources about raising your own backyard garden and flock from Lisa, click on the link below.

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