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Ant Invasion: The heat is bringing out the ants, big time

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – The heat is creating a full-on ant invasion in homes across San Diego County.

From coming out of windows at a home in Bay Ho to covering the floors of an office in Oceanside, ants are invading properties all over San Diego – making it a busy week for Corky’s Pest Control.

News 8 followed service specialist Mike Mooshabad as he sprayed down an apartment complex in Imperial Beach. “I think it was 143 new calls for services just for ants alone on Monday. Tuesday, it was 84,” he said.

Why the recent infestation?

Corky’s certified entomologist Dave Mizer said, “The heat is what is doing this cause its actually drying up a lot of the automatic sprinkler water. So, they're going elsewhere for water and the perfect place is the inside of houses."

To take matters in one’s own hands, Mizer said to first look for the nest and use boric acid to kill it. “[It’s] something that you can at your local store. Read the directions, please! Put out and kill the nest before it has a chance to come to the house.”

Mizer also suggested keeping counters clean and sealing up cracks where ants may get in – near a spicket is a good place to start. Also, homeowners can use Windex to cover the pheromone trails ants leave behind.

“When the nest sends scouts out, mainly what they're doing is looking for something the colony needs – protein source, water source, whatever. When they find it, they make a pheromone trail and that trail gives the nest the idea what to look for,” said Mizer.

Mizer warns that aeresole insecticides will only make things worse. “It will kill it, but that's all its going to do. It won't help the problem at all."

If ants don’t go away, Mizer said to call a professional. Cooler weather will keep the ants from coming inside, but Mizer said unless the nest is found outside the home.

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