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Local chef gives some secrets to composting at home

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According to Barleymash Executive Chef Kevin Templeton, "Composting is an easy way to grow beautiful produce without using a ton of fertilizer - and it is completely natural," He brings 700-800 pounds of his restaurant's food waste to Olivewood Gardens each week to help them grow their crops and he's sharing his secrets to composting well in your yard with CBS News 8's Ashley Jacobs. According to Chef Templeton, if you follow these rules you'll be well on your way to a healthy garden and flavorful plates of food. 

Three at-home composting tips from Chef Kevin Templeton:

•Place hay or dried grass clippings over compost piles or bury food scraps 8 -12 inches below surface to keep flies away
•Composting ingredients can be divided into two categories: brown materials (leaves, hay, straw) and green materials (grass clippings, vegetables)
•Coffee grounds and ice tea grinds help break down the compost faster by supplying nitrogen to the system

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