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Africa Rocks: A new exhibit from Savanna to sea

The San Diego Zoo’s newest exhibit, Africa Rocks, is finally complete and ready to take guests on an adventure to experience Africa like never before. San Diego Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz sat down with our very own Laura Cavanaugh to explain all that Africa Rocks has to offer.

San Diego Zoo’s Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks spotlights the amazing biodiversity found on the African continent, with unusual and striking animals ready for their rise to fame. The lineup of amazing animals, which includes an African Penguin colony swimming among leopard sharks, geladas, meerkats, leopards and West African dwarf crocodiles, will have you starstruck. The exhibit recreates the animals’ natural habitats in six distinct biodiverse zones. From rocky shorelines, wetlands and tropical forests to savannas and even a 65 foot waterfall, the landscape, built along a gentle, easily walkable slope, will leave you in awe.

The $68 million project, that was three years in the making, is a spectacular addition to the already world renowned zoo. Guests say when they visit Africa Rocks, they feel as if they’ve been transported into another world.

Africa Rocks highlights some of the not so widely known animals on the African continent, many of whom are in danger of disappearing from our planet. Through your purchase of a ticket or membership, you are helping the San Diego Zoo’s global mission of conservation. In essence, you can help end extinction just by showing up and spending a fun, educational and memorable day with the family.

For more information on Africa Rocks, memberships, special events and summer camps, visit:

San Diego Zoo Facebook: /SanDiegoZoo

San Diego Zoo Twitter: @sandiegozoo

San Diego Zoo Instagram: @sandiegozoo

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