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Taking Its Toll: San Diegan getting traffic fines from Bay Area

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A News 8 viewer continually receives traffic violations in the mail from a San Francisco toll company, but the problem is she has not been to the Bay Area in decades.

Bobette Drimmel said she has called over and over to explain the issue, but is now fed up that someone is not fixing the problem – on Friday, she reached out to News 8 for help.

Part of the problem for Drimmel is her license plate number: 7-F-1-1. The vehicle the toll company keeps confusing hers with begins with: 7-F or E-U-I.

Drimmel said someone is not paying enough attention because every two weeks she receives a bill notice. She received the first one in May.

“I opened it up and said, ‘I haven’t been there in 30-years.’”

On Thursday, Drimmel received her fifth toll evasion notice.

Every time she receives a notice, Drimmel has to call the toll company and explain she drives a GMC Sonoma, not a Ford. She also explains that the license plate numbers, while similar, are different enough.

“They can’t get it right. Somebody is not reading the license plate off the picture. I am sick and tired of this nonsense,” she said.

Drimmel said she is worried about what could happen if she does not keep calling and clearing her name.

“It’s nerve-wracking because I don’t know if my car is going to be gone from the parking lot someday,” she said.

A director at the toll company told News 8:

"We offer her our personal apologies, and we are aware of her issue. These are automated readers, and with license plate brackets things like this can happen. It's not acceptable that she's tried to solve this problem and it hasn't been. That concerns us and we will talk to our contract service."

The director also said the plate involved in the mix-up has been flagged and will trigger manual reviews, moving forward.

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