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14-year-old Danny hoping to find a forever home

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) — 14-year-old Danny assured me he knew how to drive.  

"I promise we won't wreck," he said. "We're gonna win."  

And he was right.  

Danny is courteous, but in addition to being polite, what really impressed me is that Danny was giving me encouragement as we played our round of mini golf.

Danny loves sports. 

"Football, basketball, and I want to start playing lacrosse or rugby," Danny said.  

But who he would play for and where is unknown. Danny will be finishing 8th grade soon and his future is uncertain.   

Danny says the high school he would like to attend and play football for isn't in the district where he is currently living; so for now, he's trying to enjoy the last days with his current team. 

He says he loves to be on the field with other people and playing on the team.   

He says his team has become like family. 

Danny says, several have become as close as brothers and he says excelling in football has taught him a lot about his own character. 

"That I'm able to accomplish things that some people doubted me to do," he said. "[And] that anything's possible, even when you don't live with your parents or don't live with your family." 

Danny credits his coach for inspiring him to persevere through the tough times.  

"My teammate, his dad, is a really big impact on my life, because he does a lot for me," Danny said. "He's pretty much leading me in the right direction, encouraging me to do good in school, do good on the field and off the field." 

Danny has been let down by many adults in his life, through no fault of his own, but says he hopes to have a father one day, who is as kind and committed to him as his coach who he calls a father figure.   

"There's not that many people that I know that are like him," he said. "Because a lot of them, a lot of people, they encourage me to do stuff, then they just leave. But he's stuck by my side through a lot of things."  

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.    

CBS News 8 would like to thank Boomers San Diego, for hosting a fun day at the amusement park.

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